chiropractic care

Helping you heal naturally.

The Center for Optimum Wellness, in Houston, offers advanced chiropractic care and wellness programs.  We provide an array of services, designed to make you feel the best you have ever felt. Much different from in-and-out doctor visits and pharmaceutical prescriptions, we concentrate on reversing serious illness without drugs.

Chiropractic takes the approach of healing you from the inside out with treatments for your spinal alignment problems. We will focus on optimizing your skeletal system with today's leading treatments and supporting your health with proper nutrition to greater improve your long term care. By determining the cause of your symptoms, we work toward making them go away completely, without numbing them with medication, allowing your body to heal itself.

Our advanced Chiropractic treatments include Diversified Adjustments, Low Force Adjusting, Activator Methods, SOT ( Sacral Occipital Technique),  AK (Applied Kinesiology), functional blood Chemistry Analysis, Clinical Nutrition Supplements, Frequent Specific Microcurrent (FSM), Manual Therapies, Diagnostics, Pain Management, Eidetics, and Cold Laser Therapy.